Anonymous asked: Is Alba Albanese also Ava Lee Scott? Is Alba Ava's stage name?

I get the confusion, trust me. I still stumble over what name to use when referencing her in conversation! A few times I’ve called her “AvAlbabella” and “Albvabella.” Which are just terrible names, and I am suitably shamed. ;)

Alba is her name, Ava Lee Scott is now her professional name. We’ve shifted to using Ava because it helps her with search engines, etc.

When asked what people should call her in person, outside of the world of Annabella, her answer was perfect: “Any of them. I’m all of them.”

Three faces, and all that. It’s right there on the door. :)

EDITED TO ADD: That was Cawdor, BTW, who tends to forget to sign his posts. ;)

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