Anonymous asked: Are there any 1-on-1's that would make straight guys particularly uncomfortable?

Cawdor here.

First of all, the “rule” is that everyone is a little bi at the McKittrick. ;)

To answer your question honestly, there may be two. The Boy Witch 1:1 is the first that leaps to mind. I imagine that straight, gay or anywhere in between, men or women might be nervous with that one.  It’s intense, emotional and physically close. Personally I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. Your mileage may vary.

The only other thing I can think of is the end of the Porter 1:1, but it’s not really sexual, it’s a whole other thing. It’s just comforting this poor, troubled soul. Doesn’t matter that he’s a man, he’s a person first, and this person just revealed a secret to you. In fact all 1:1s are essentially that when you boil them down to the bare essence: Someone is revealing a secret to you. Credit to Jeffery Lyons for that insight, BTW.

Just because I feel compelled to say it, I’m going to make a small statement here. First of all, I am not judging you or anyone, and it’s never, ever my place to dictate how to be a fan, how to love Sleep No More or how to have your own feelings in relation to your experience. I despise that kind of heavy-handed judgement you can sometimes get in this fandom, the feeling that you’re not good enough, or not loving the show the “right” way, etc. 

That having been said, upon reading this question, I did feel a little initial reaction of “Seriously  how the hell could anyone get homophobic about a 1:1?” I’m just being honest. I’m not accusing anyone of being homophobic, and I do understand why someone might ask. Being surprised with things you are not used to can sometimes result in reactions you don’t fully mean to have, and knowing ahead of time can help you react in a manner you are more comfortable with.

My advice is just relax. You will not ever actually be in any legitimately sexual situations. It’s a play. There is suggestion, and some touch, and an actor may kiss the side of your face once in a blue moon. The 1:1s are far more about emotion than they are about sexytimes.



Glamis here, and when I read this question last night I thought there might be another meaning to it. I thought the submitter might possibly be inquiring if there are 1:1s with female performers that may be overly sexual in a way that might make him uncomfortable, particularly if he was in a relationship (something we’ve discussed on here before). If that’s the case then I would suggest avoiding the Nurse and Sexy Witch 1:1s as they can sometimes be rather sexually charged in nature. I do agree with Cawdor though - try to just relax and enjoy the experience. :)

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